Kurt Bedell

Kurt Bedell is the marketing, communications and development manager for the School of Social Work at Portland State University. He loves baking, reading, traveling, and visiting with friends. “I enjoy taking in all that Portland and the Pacific Northwest has to offer,” he says, and says “I appreciate that the chorus represents the diversity of the LGBTQ community in Portland. We welcome people from all walks of life and life experiences. Diversity takes multiple forms, and PGMC embraces and celebrates the richness that every member brings.

Kurt’s favorite piece performed by PGMC is “Brave Souls and Dreamers.”

Mark Clift

Mark Clift is a CPA and a tax partner at McDonald Jacobs, and loves music, the outdoors, and his family. “Let’s stay amazing!” he says, “and I can’t wait for the China trip!” His first PGMC show was a holiday concert, “and I sat in the audience and wished I could be able to someday sing with the Chorus,” he said. He joined the group in 2009.

Mark would like to hear the chorus sing: “Hallelujah.”

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman is a Jobs & Internships Specialist for Portland Community College, a private consultant and coach for Results Now!, and Board President. A founding member of PGMC, he is passionate about honoring the legacy of the 149 fallen PGMC members and the over 1,500 members who have been a part of the PGMC legacy. In addition to “enjoying every moment as a gift that is,” Gary says “I am proud of the inclusive community that we have built and the positive impact that we have in the world!”

Gary would like to hear the chorus sing: “Rhythm of Life.”

John Fread

John Fread is the Director of Global Marketing Communication for Nautilus, Inc., and has over 30 years of corporate communications experience. He grows things – a garden and an interior design business, among others – and says “music has a way of connecting people and being a powerful agent of social change. I’ve loved what the Chorus represents and the community that it has created from the very first Holiday concert I attended many years ago.”

John would like to hear the chorus sing: Beyonce’s “Halo.”

Calvin Harrison

Sunil Kasturi

Sunil Kasturi is the managing director for Propeller Portland, a management consulting firm. His interests include his dogs, vegetarian cooking, hiking, and he is passionate about PGMC Board development, community and musical excellence. “How do we maintain a sustainable, high-functioning organization that propels PGMC forward?” he asks. Answer forthcoming!

Sunil would like to hear the chorus sing: “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho”

Riley Lakos

Riley Lakos is a student at Portland State University and a member of the University Studies’ Peer Mentor Program. Riley is passionate about social justice, anti-oppression work, and education, believing strongly in the concepts of self-care and community. Music is really Riley’s passion: “In addition to being on the PGMC board and singing in the chorus, I also sing in two a cappella groups. All remaining free time is split between being social with friends, and being a homebody with my dog and cat.”

Riley’s favorite piece performed by PGMC is “Vissi d’arte,” from Puccini’s “Tosca,” performed for Pride 2016.

Matthew Lashua

Robert J. Moreau

Phylis C. Myles

C. Allen Tomlinson

Andrew C. Tweedie


Sheryl Anderson
Board Chair

Sheryl Anderson is the owner of Bean Ride, Inc., a Portland-based publishing company, but her spare time is spent volunteering with a number of non-profits and drawing, painting, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her family. She is passionate about family and community, collaboration, and “moving things forward.”

Sheryl would like to hear the chorus sing: “Happy!”

Jim McVittie
Board Vice Chair

Jim McVittie is an attorney who runs a boutique estate planning firm. He loves anything related to the outdoors, including time spent boating, and his passion is “helping people; that’s why I practice the type of law I do.” Jim’s first concert was at Kaul Auditorium at the invitation of a friend. “I was amazed at the sound of the chorus,” he said.

Jim’s favorite piece performed by PGMC is – well, all of them. “There are so many, they’re all favorites,” he said.

Wayne Gregory

Wayne Gregory

Wayne Gregory is a writer, and creative writing teacher, and an ESL teacher at Portland State University. At his first rehearsal with PGMC, “the piano struck the majestic chords of “Never Ever,” and the entire chorus stood to their feet and sang that magnificent anthem to all of the new members. As the strong, loving notes from those men’s voices filled the room I knew they were singing that song especially for me,” he said. “In that moment, I knew I was exactly where I belonged.”

Wayne’s favorite piece performed by PGMC is “Never, Ever,” of course!

Chorus Leadership

Non-voting members

Bob Mensel
Artistic Director

Marty Phreed
Chorus Vice President

Marty Phreed is a restaurant professional and senior staff member at Decarli Restaurant in Beaverton. Marty grew up in a musical family and has been singing as long as he’s been talking; he also enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time outdoors. “I believe in community and our ability to support each other in many ways,” he said. “Music has a magical quality that can create an overwhelming emotional response and provoke change in our society.”

Marty would like to hear the chorus sing: “Something,” by the Hi-Lo’s.

Richard Jung
Executive Director

Chorus Leadership

Gary Coleman
Chorus President

Marty Phreed
Chorus Vice President

Ricky Armendariz
Marketing Coordinator

Jim Logan
Wellness Chair

Gary Coleman
Volunteer Coordinator

Sunil Kasturi
IT Chair

Alan Williams
Production Manager

Travel Chair

Jake Turner
Social Chair

Howard Neal
Member Information Coordinator

Steven Brook
Alumni Chair

Alan Williams & Howard Neal
1st Tenor Section Representatives

Mikey Mann & Riley Lakos
2nd Tenor Section Representatives

Thom Whittemore & Kevin Suenkel
Baritone Section Representatives

Elis Madrigal & Leroy Meikle
Bass Section Representatives