GALA Choruses

GALA Choruses

Gala Choruses mission is Empowering LGBT Choruses as we change our world through song.

PGMC is a proud founding member of GALA Choruses. GALA Choruses leads the North American LGBT choral movement with a current membership of more than 190 choruses and 10,000 singers. GALA is dedicated to helping choruses become more effective, both artistically and administratively. They assist emerging choruses and facilitate networking and training for established groups. Currently, GALA Choruses is putting special focus on the implementation of programming that will assess and improve the sustainability of our member choruses. GALA Choruses’ signature event is its quadrennial Festival, which brings together over 130 choruses and 6000 singers for the world’s largest LGBT performing arts event.

PABA (Portland Area Business Association)

PABA’s mission is to serve our LGBT community and our allies by providing business and leadership development to expand economic opportunities for our membership.

PABA provides its membership with a place where you can meet and network with some of Oregon’s most successful business people. PABA offers a venue to share stories, swap leads, solve problems and create opportunities with other people who value their professional success within the community. PABA provides a variety of services including hosting after-hours receptions, sponsoring special networking events, and offering the chance to participate in various community activities. PGMC is proud to be a member of the Portland Area Business Association.